I wait, so that I am


Unfortunately, I am currently experiencing slander and accusations about this blog. I am sorting through these very upsetting accusations, and dealing with them appropriately. Once these issues have been sorted and dealt with, this blog will be returned in it’s original state.

Jess xx


4 thoughts on “I wait, so that I am

  1. Once again your writing leaves me in a whirlpool of emotions. This time, it was tears. Tears left my eyes and rolled down my face as I cannot even begin to imagine the waiting game that you are now ‘playing’. I can not imagine. But, you still left me in awe-wanting more. I love it Jess. I love you. And together, we will fight.

  2. just read your post and wanted to wish you good luck for 4th may sweetie. i get aweful period pain so i cannot even imagine the pain you must be in:( i hope the doctors can find something that works other then hysterectomy.

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